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abm's 3rd Generation PCR Enzymes


New-tag BlasTaq™ Polymerase

Reach unprecendented extension speeds of 10 sec/kb. Easily finish a routine 2 hour run in only 20 minutes.

Regular Taq: 1 kb/min vs. Blastaq: 6 kb/min


Blastaq DNA Polymerase Product Image


Product Unit Size Cat. No. Price
Blastaq DNA Polymerase (5U/ul) 2000 U G894 $375.00 $187.50
2X Blastaq PCR Taq MasterMix 10.0 ml (400 Rxns) G895 $245.00 $122.50
Blastaq Green 2X qPCR MasterMix 5.0 ml (4 x 1.25 ml) G891 $125.00 $62.50
Blastaq Green 2X qPCR MasterMix 25.0 ml G893 $495.00 $247.50
Blastaq Green 2X qPCR MasterMix 50.0 ml G892 $795.00 $397.50

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Extension speeds: Blastaq DNA Polymerase vs. Regular Taq


BlasTaq™ DNA Polymerase enables extension speeds as fast as 6 kb/min. Total reaction times for abm’s BlasTaq™ DNA Polymerase (Cat. No. G894) and Taq were determined for the amplification of different sized amplicons: 500 bp, 1 kb, 2 kb, and 5 kb. Reaction times are based on a 30-cycle program using the recommended reaction protocol for each enzyme.



New-tag MegaFi™ Fidelity Polymerase

Strategically engineered for ultra low error rates. 1000X higher fidelity than regular Taq.

Regular Taq: 1 error per 3,700 bases vs. MegaFi: 1 error per 4,800,000 bases


MegaFi DNA Polymerase Product Image


Product Unit Size Cat. No. Price
MegaFi Fidelity DNA Polymerase (5U/ul) 2000 U G896 $475.00 $237.50
2X MegaFi PCR Taq MasterMix 10.0 ml (400 Rxns) G897 $295.00 $147.50

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MegaFi DNA Polymerase Performance Data


PCR amplification using abm’s MegaFi™ Fidelity DNA Polymerase (Cat. No. G896) (column 1, orange box) of various targets vs competitor polymerases (columns 2, 3 and 4) followed by electrophoresis on a 1% agarose gel.

A) 1 kb target from Human cDNA. B) 2.4 kb target from Mouse cDNA. C) 10 kb target from plasmid DNA.



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Enzyme Length Speed Fidelity Main Feature  
Taq 6 kb 1 kb/min 1X Routine PCR Details >
Bestaq 15 kb 3-4 kb/min 50X All PCR Applications Details >
Kodaq 12 kb 1 kb/min 50X Difficult Templates Details >
Precision 6 kb 1 kb/min 60X High Fidelity PCR Details >
Taq Plus 6 kb 1 kb/min 5X Improved Fidelity Details >
TaqFast 12 kb 4-6 kb/min 10X Fast PCR Details >
Long Range 20 kb 3-4 kb/min 1X Long Amplicons Details >
Bloodirect 2 kb 1 kb/min 1X Extraction-Free PCR Details >
HotStart Taq 6 kb 1 kb/min 1X High Specificity Details >

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"I have recently switched to using this product and am very happy with the results. BestTAQ is reliable, fast, easy to use, and competitively priced. I will be using BestTAQ for the reminder of my cloning throughout my studies."
Heather MacKay, The University of British Columbia

"I like abm Taq polymerase and dNTP set because it’s very reasonable price with great quality. I would like to try more abm products in future."
Liyuan Chen, The University of British Columbia

"Great Taq DNA polymerase! We will put to good use in our experiments. Well sealed with fast delivery."
Thibault Mayor, University of British Columbia

"We used abm Taq for Arabidopsis genotyping which is very reliable and economic. It gives very clear bands and stable results. Our lab is looking forward to use more abm products in future experiments."
Martha Kertesz, The University of British Columbia

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