Molecular Minutes

Featuring Emily from @_biochemily_!

A Guide to Lentivirus Production (Protocol, Tips, & more!)

Featuring Susan and Hayley from @Cancer.Research.Demystified!

Featuring Instagram Science Communicator, Maria Ibrahim!

Colon Cancer Biomarkers Guide

Featuring Instagram Science Communicator, Daisy!

Your Basic Guide to Cell Line Immortalization

Featuring Instagram Science Communicator, Tori Quintana!

We were cited in 3,000+ journals by the end of 2019!

RNA Mango: Track your RNA in Action!

Featuring Instagram Science Communicator, Jen, 'A Bookish Scientist'!

What is Multiplicity of Infection (MOI)?

A New Year, A New Website

Featuring Instagram Science Communicator, Sophie Arthur!

Featuring Instagram Science Communicator, Sarah Miller!

Q&A: NGS Data Analysis 101

Q&A: Getting Started With Whole Genome Sequencing

Featuring Instagram Science Communicator, Lauren Callender!

Q&A: Using NGS for CRISPR Validation, Antibody Screening, & Metagenomics

#ScientistSpotlight - Yanquan Zhang and Huitao Liu

Q&A: The Beginner's Guide to RNA-Seq Webinar

Q&A: How to Design, Run, and Optimize Your Viral Gene Delivery Experiment Webinar

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): What are Sequencing Coverage and Mapping Coverage?

Q&A: Essential Guide to Becoming a CRISPR Cas9 Expert Webinar

Herpes Simplex Virus - Smart enough to deliver large transgenes to neurons

Baculovirus - Your best choice for producing glycoproteins

Meet ORF: The Simple & Humble Team Player!

Choose Retrovirus For A Dance Party That Never Ends

Meet AAV: The small but determined virus

Meet Adenovirus: The reliable & efficient virus!

Meet Lentivirus: The resident charmer of mammalian cells!

Meet your friendly neighborhood gene delivery crew!

How Does Cre-Lox Recombination Work?

5 Steps to a Contamination-free Cell Culture Experience

4 Things to Consider When Making Lentiviral Constructs

13 Practical Tips for Using Lab Freezers

Molecular Minutes

Educational resources for life scientists and interviews with scientists/science communicators in the field.

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