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Lentivirus infectivity data


Figure 1: Functional expression of channelrhodopsin-2 Lentivirus C.reinhardtii.

Virus applied to dissociated embryonic rat neuronal cultures at 1 MOI. A, C, images showing EYFP expression with white arrows highlighting the neurons selected for electrophysiology. B, D, whole-cell patch-clamp recordings showing example photocurrents (from A, C) stimulated by 465nm light.


Data gathered by Dr. Emily Johnson, Andrew Trevelyan’s lab, Newcastle University, UK. CANDO project ( funded through the Wellcome Trust (102037) and EPSRC (NS/A000026/1)




Figure 2: qPCR amplification of human OVOL1 after transfection with abm's human OVOL1 Lentiviral Vector.

A ~300 fold overexpression is observed in 293T cells transfected with abm's OVOL1 Lentiviral Vector (pLenti-GIII-CMV-C-term-HA, Cat.No. LV250917), in comparison with non-transfected 293T cells. qPCR was accomplished using primers designed by the customer.


  • "The lentivirus (Cat. No. iV059988a) I received is working really well with my primary bone marrow stem cells. The transfection rate is nearly 70% in five days. Great product, I would like to continue to using your products."
    Wei Guo, University of Maryland, siRNA Lentivirus


  • "I have used abm's All-in-One lentiviral system to knockout human IL11, which worked really well. Our labmate also ordered the same system from abm to knockout mouse Axl, and she got good results, too. Thus, we want to stick to the same system."
    Dr. Ejung Moon, Stanford University, All-In-One system plasmid targeting human IL11 (K1078405)

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  • Oller, J et al. "Nitric oxide mediates aortic disease in mice deficient in the metalloprotease Adamts1 and in a mouse model of Marfan syndrome." Nature Medicine 23.2:200+ (2017). DOI: 10.1038/nm.4266. Application: siRNA Lentivector (in vivo).


  • Li, F et al. "Second messenger role for Mg2+ revealed by human T-cell immunodeficiency." Nature 475:471-476 (2011). DOI: 10.1038/nature10246. Application: Bicistronic lentivector.

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