Using NGS for CRISPR Validation, Antibody Screening & Metagenomics

30 min Webinar
Need to investigate genetic variations at a specific genomic region?

Amplicon-Seq is the use of Next Generation Sequencing to resequence a specific area of interest in the genome. This is done by sequencing amplicons (PCR products) from the region of interest, and enables efficient detection of subtle genetic variations in the targeted area.

If you are looking to discover rare mutations or identify bacterial species via the 16S rRNA sequence, the targeted approach offered by Amplicon-Seq is more affordable and much faster compared to Whole Genome Sequencing.

In this webinar, we'll showcase how you can use Next Generation Sequencing to discover, validate and screen your samples for genetic variants. We'll end off with some specific examples of how you can use NGS for CRISPR validation, Metagenomics, and Antibody Screening.

You'll learn about:
  • Sequencing challenges & how Amplicon-Seq can help
  • A brief intro to NGS
  • Important considerations for Amplicon-Seq
  • Understanding the Amplicon-Seq workflow
  • Other applications: CRISPR Validation, Metagenomics, Antibody Screening
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Duration: 30 minutes + Q & A session

About the Speaker

Dr. Christopher Smendziuk is abm's dedicated, in-house NGS Project Design Coordinator. After completing his PhD at UBC, where he studied stem cell regulation, he joined abm with a passion for helping scientists achieve their goals.

With nearly 10 years of experience in research and experimental design, in areas ranging from cell & developmental biology to CRISPR validation and cell line engineering, he can assist with nearly any project, from initial set-up to post-sequencing data analysis.

Dr. Christopher Smendziuk

Amplicon-Seq webinar