Essential Guide to Becoming a CRISPR Cas9 Expert

30 min Webinar
Get the master class on how to design and run your own CRISPR experiment.

CRISPR gene editing has allowed scientists to modify genes of interest much easier and faster than ever before. Don't be left behind—brush up on your knowledge to start using CRISPR in your own experiments.

You'll learn about:
  • Select the right Cas nuclease for your experiment
  • Design the best sgRNAs
  • Select an appropriate delivery method
  • Perform the experiment
  • Validate your CRISPR-edited cells
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Duration: 30 minutes + Q & A session

About Applied Biological Materials (abm)

Founded in 2004 in the vibrant hub of Vancouver, Canada, abm has over a decade of experience in genetic engineering and viral vector technology.

With a global network covering over 60+ countries and growing, abm offers one of the most comprehensive collection of CRISPR gene editing tools—from Cas9 nucleases, nickases, and double mutants, to sgRNA libraries and knockout cell lines that can target every human, mouse, and rat gene.

Applied Biological Materials (abm)

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