NGS Data Analysis 101: RNA-Seq, WGS, and more

30 min Webinar
New to bioinformatics analysis for NGS data and want to learn more?

One of the benefits of Next Generation Sequencing is the large amount of data that can be generated for each sample and each project. Often, though, it can be challenging to make sense of your data and perform meaningful analysis to plan the next stages of your research.

For all types of NGS, the sequencing is often only the beginning of the project. Once you have this data, you may want to look at small insertions or deletions in your samples (Whole Genome Sequencing), learn more about differentially-expressed genes after treating your cells with a specific drug (RNA-Seq), or determining what prokaryotes compose the microbial community that is present in a soil or water sample (16S rDNA Metagenomics).

Sorting through large data sets and interpreting your results can often be a bit intimidating.

In this webinar, we'll discuss data analysis for NGS data, including running through examples for different types of analysis you may want to do for your project!

You'll learn about:
  • An introduction into processing NGS data
  • How that data can be used for different types of analysis, including:

    • Variant Calling
    • Differential Gene Expression
    • and more
  • Troubleshooting common issues that can arise during analysis
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Duration: 30 minutes + Q & A session

About Applied Biological Materials (abm)

Dr. Christopher Smendziuk is abm's dedicated, in-house NGS Project Design Coordinator. After completing his PhD at UBC, where he studied stem cell regulation, he joined abm with a passion for helping scientists achieve their goals.

With nearly 10 years of experience in research and experimental design, in areas ranging from cell & developmental biology to CRISPR validation and cell line engineering, he can assist with nearly any project, from initial set-up to post-sequencing data analysis.

Dr. Christopher Smendziuk

NGS Data Analysis Webinar