Viral Vectors: How to Design, Run, and Optimize Your Gene Delivery Experiment

30 min Webinar
Learn how to do your own viral gene delivery project: from viral vector selection to delivery

You want to express a gene, but when it comes to choosing the optimal viral vector, your choices can seem overwhelming. Do you go with lentivirus or AAV? Or perhaps adenovirus or retrovirus?

Each viral system has its own set of advantages and disadvantages—we'll be breaking it down for you in this upcoming webinar so you can easily pick the right one for the job.

We'll also guide you through the complete workflow, with tips on experimental design to safe and effective delivery of your virus to your cell of interest.

You'll learn about:
  • Types of viral vectors and their properties
  • How to choose the optimal viral vector
  • Designing the right system: promoters, reporters & tags
  • How to safely package your virus
  • How to optimize your viral infection: calculating titers and MOIs
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Registrants will receive an exclusive promocode for 10% OFF the lowest advertised price on abm vector and viruses (lenti-, retro-, AAV-, adenovirus).

Duration: 30 minutes + Q & A session

About Applied Biological Materials (abm)

Michael Van Vliet is Head of abm's Virology Department. He has a degree in Biology from Simon Fraser University.

His expertise covers the generation of viral particles for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing systems and stable cell line development (including immortalized cell lines). He also has experience working closely with researchers around the world in designing and optimizing their viral gene delivery projects.

Michael Van Vliet

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