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Lentivirus System Resources

Lentiviruses are members of the Retroviridae family of viruses, with HIV-1 being the most widely studied. Lentiviral vectors are able to deliver genes into a broad range of mammalian cell lines and tissue types and to infect both dividing and non-dividing cells. Recombinant lentivirus systems and lentiviral transfection/transduction are powerful tools and methods for gene delivery and gene therapy. Because they can stably integrate transgenes into the host genome, lentiviruses are unique tools for generating stable cell lines for long term expression, enabling scientists to stably overexpress or silence genes, immunize against a range of diseases, generate transgenic organisms, and much more.

Our collection of resources introduces you to the basics of the lentivirus system, including the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation recombinant systems, how to package your own lentivirus, how to infect your cells, and much more.

Lentivirus System Introduction


This knowledge base provides basics of the lentivirus system, including the lentivirus genome map and structure, the lentivirus lifecycle, the recombinant lentivirus system, the advantages and disadvantages of the lentivirus system, MOI, clinical applications, and more.

Multiplicity of Infection (MOI)

What is Multiplicity of Infection?

In this article, you'll learn the importance of multiplicity of infection (MOI) when it comes to viral gene delivery projects. Go through sample calculations step-by-step. Learn about factors that can affect your MOI and how to design a pilot experiment to find your optimal MOI, and more.

Lentivirus Production Protocol

A Guide to Lentivirus Production (Protocol, Tips, & more!)

This article provides a basic guide to lentivirus production, including considerations before you start, basic packaging protocol, infection test expeirments, storing your lentiviruses, preventing contamination, and more.


The Basics of the Recombinant Lentivirus System

Multiplicity of Infection (MOI): What is it and how do I calculate it?

The Basics of Lentivirus Production/Packaging: Protocol, Tips, and more!

Lentivirus Titration: How to Determine Viral Titer

Lentivirus Transduction Protocol: Infecting your target cells

Other Tools and Resources
Vector Selector Tool

Vector Selector Tool

Unsure which expression system is suitable for your project? Answer a few simple questions and get tailored recommendations for your project. Our tool covers Non-viral, Protein, Lentivirus, Adenovirus, AAV, Retrovirus, HSV, Baculovirus expression systems as well as applications for CRISPR, siRNA, miRNA and more.


Webinar: How to Design, Run, and Optimize A Viral Gene Delivery Experiment

Webinar: How to Design, Run, and Optimize A Viral Gene Delivery Experiment

Learn how to do your own viral gene delivery project: from viral vector selection to delivery. Whether it's the lentivirus, AAV, or adenovirus system, each viral system has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This upcoming webinar will help you pick the right one for the job.

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