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CRISPR has revolutionized the field of biotechnology. Don’t be left behind! This course will walk you through the practical applications of CRISPR Cas9, from experimental design to knockout validation.

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Course Overview

CRISPR Cas9 gene editing – from start to finish

  • How to design the best sgRNAs – and test them!
  • Which Cas9 Nuclease is right for your experiment
  • How to deliver and express CRISPR components in your cells
  • Methods of edit validation


Experimental Overview of CRISPR Cas9 for Gene Knockout

Understand the big picture. We’ll go over the general workflow for a gene knockout experiment then help you decide which Cas9 nuclease is right for you.

CRISPR Crash Course Week 1


sgRNA Design and Validation

Learn how to design your sgRNA and validate it for maximum efficiency.Test your sgRNA design skills.

CRISPR Crash Course Week 2


sgRNA and Cas9 Delivery

Receive advice on what delivery method to use for your sgRNA and Cas9, with detailed protocols on how to proceed with gene knockout in your cell line.

CRISPR Crash Course Week 3


Screening and Validation of Knockout

Decide how to screen and validate your cell line. A variety of methods will be discussed in detail.

CRISPR Crash Course Week 4

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