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For the first time, scientists are able to edit any part of the human genome with almost complete flexibility, thanks to the ground-breaking technology called CRISPR. Since its discovery, CRISPR has revolutionized genetic engineering with its 'molecular scissors' that can selectively disable or edit genes in human cells, providing promising gene therapy treatments for cancer and inherited genetic disorders.

Our collection of free CRISPR resources provides everything you need to get your feet wet with this innovative gene editing platform. From introductory materials about the theory and history, to practical guides on how to design your CRISPR gene editing experiment, to protocols and case studies - get the confidence you need to get started on your own gene editing project!

CRISPR Cas9 Introduction


Learn the basics of the CRISPR Cas9 gene editing system, including its origins in the bacterial immune system, key components of the system (sgRNA, Cas9), the PAM recognition sequences, off-target cleavage effects, and various CRISPR enzymes (e.g. Cas9 nickase, dCas9, saCas9, Cpf1 nucleases).

CRISPR Cas9 Tools and Methods

Tools and Methods

This article provides guidelines and considerations for planning your CRISPR Cas9 gene editing experiment and includes free CRISPR design tools that are available, the various methods for delivering Cas9 and sgRNA, and protocols for packaging lentiviruses for delivering sgRNA into cells.

CRISPR Cas9 sgRNA Design

sgRNA Design

This knowledge base article will explain the origins of the CRISPR gRNA (crRNA and tracrRNA in the bacterial system), general guidelines and considerations for gRNA design when paired with various Cas9 systems, free tools for gRNA design, and more.

CRISPR Cas9 Screening and Validation

Screening and Validation

Learn how to screen and validate your cells after editing with CRISPR Cas9, including what to expect (no edit, heterozygous mutation, biallelic mutation, homozygous mutation), screening cells for gene knockout vs. knock-in, and the mismatch cleavage detection assay.

CRISPR Cas9 Gene Regulation with dCas9

Gene Regulation with dCas9

Learn how the enzymatically dead Cas9 (dCas9) protein can be used for transcriptional modulation. You'll learn about dCas9 modifications for gene activatio (dCas9-SAM), repression (dCas9-KRAB), epigenetic editing (dCas9-p300, dCas9-LSD1), and the modulation of DNA methylation (dCas9-TET1CD, dCas9-DNMT3A).

Gene Silencing: CRISPR vs. RNAi vs. TALENs

Gene Silencing: CRISPR vs. RNAi vs. TALENs

This article compares the CRISPR Cas9 gene editing method with the TALENs and RNAi gene silencing methods. You'll learn the basics of each system as well as the advantages and disadvantages in terms of experimental setup, protocol, validation, efficiency, off-target effects, flexibility, applications, and more.


CRISPR Cas9 - A Brief Introduction

CRISPR Cas9 - Methods and Tools

CRISPR Cas9 - gRNA Design

CRISPR Cas9 - Gene Regulation with dCas9

CRISPR Cas9 - Screening and Validation Strategies

How to perform a CRISPR Knockout Experiment

How to perform a CRISPR Knockin Experiment

How to perform a Bacterial CRISPR Cas9 Knockout Experiment

Gene Silencing Methods: CRISPR vs. TALENs vs. RNAi

CRISPR Cas9 vs. Cpf1: 5 ways the Cpf1 nuclease outsnips Cas9

How a mini CRISPR Cas9 system is revolutionizing gene therapy!

Handbooks, courses, tools, and more
CRISPR Knockout Manual

CRISPR Knockout Manual

Download our free 39-page CRISPR gene knockout manual on how to use CRISPR Cas9 for gene knockout experiments in a mammalian system. Includes an introduction to CRISPR, knock-out protocol, tips on designing sgRNA, data validation protocols, and a crispr knockout case study.

CRISPR Crash Course

CRISPR Crash Course

Our CRISPR Crash Course is a free 4-week course that provides short guides, protocols, and videos outlining how to set up a CRISPR knockout experiment! Each week, you'll receive learning resources tackling topics from sgRNA design and validation, to screening and validation of the CRISPR gene knockout.

CRISPR Cas9 Case Studies

CRISPR Cas9 Case Studies

This article provides case studies for CRISPR Cas9 gene knockout and knock-in projects in mammalian and bacterial cells. Read step-by-step how the Cas9 and sgRNA were delivered, how the edited colonies were screened, and how the final gene edits were validated.

CRISPR Experimental Design Tool

CRISPR Experimental Design Tool

This easy tool helps you to assemble the tools you need for your specific crispr gene editing experiment. After answering a few simple questions, you'll learn which CRISPR nuclease to use, which gene delivery system is suitable, and what tools are available for validation.

Webinar: Essential Guide to Becoming a CRISPR Cas9 Expert

Webinar: Essential Guide to Becoming a CRISPR Cas9 Expert

In this free 30 minute webinar, learn how to select the right Cas9 nuclease, design sgRNAs, select the best delivery method, perform your CRISPR gene editing experiment, and validate your CRISPR-edited cells.



E.coli CRISPR Knockout Teaching Kit for Students

E.coli CRISPR Knockout Teaching Kit for Students

Our E. coli CRISPR Knockout Teaching Kit allows students to gain hands-on laboratory experience utilizing CRISPR. This Kit comes with a Teaching Guide for the instructor and student that includes: introductory material about CRISPR, overall workflow, step-by-step protocol broken down by day/duration, and replica picking grids.

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