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miRNA (microRNA) Resources

Since it was first identified in 1993 by Lee et. al, miRNA (microRNA) have been found in many organisms, with more than 1000 miRNA being identified in the human genome alone. miRNA (microRNA) are small 21-25 nucleotide long non-coding RNA molecules that play a role in gene regulation. In our collection of resources, you'll learn how miRNAs are made, terms and nomenclature used to describe miRNA, how to detect miRNA, as well as miRNA target prediction, validation, and functional analysis.

miRNA (microRNA) Introduction


This knowledge base provides an introduction to miRNA (microRNA) biogenesis, including the role of Drosha and Dicer enzymes and the RISC complex in the canonical pathway. You'll learn how miRNAs bind to mRNA or 3'UTRs to knockdown genes and become familiar with the miRNA nomenclature system.

miRNA (microRNA) Detection


This knowledge covers miRNA Detection techniques and including: microarray analysis, RNA-Seq, RT qPCR, Northern Blot, in situ hyprodization, and more. You'll learn the advantages and disadvantages as well as the different types of information you can gain from each technique.

miRNA (microRNA) Target Prediction, Validation, and Functional Analysis

Target Prediction, Validation, and Functional Analysis

This knowledge base introduces strategies for miRNA target prediction, tools for miRNA research, as well as miRNA target validation, and functional analysis.


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